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Mr. Diego was very professional and courteous. Thank the law firm of Miksis & Diego very much.

Mr. Diego did an outstanding job from start to finish. I will not hesitate to use Mr. Diego's services if the need ever arises, and will gladly recommend him to family, friends, and c-workers.
C.G. (local first responder)

Thanks very much regarding my case.

Thank you.

I could not have had a better lawyer to defend me.
Thank you very much. G.H.

This was the best legal representation I have ever secured.

My family and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your office for the representation of our son Z.L. We found that you were very caring, courteous and professional in the way you advocated his case. Your excellence in the court of law has proven to our family that with all certainty we made the right decision.

I need to inform the law office how wonderful Barbarita and Denise have treated me over the past years. I have dealt with many professional services over the years and Barbie and Denise are constantly pleasant and professional.

Mr. Diego, thank you for everything you did concerning my case. I would not have gotten the result I did without your representation. Also, thank you for [how you handled] my payments. That is appreciated more then you know. Sincerely,

Thanks for your great help on [the] D---- [case]!
Alan J. Cohen, Esq.

Dear Mr. Diego: I say with a heavy heart that today is S's last day home before he heads back to base in Georgia. It was a wonderful ten days with him. You, sir had a lot to do with it. You didn't even know S the day he called you on March 10. You agreed to meet with us late afternoon on a Friday and then agreed to take his case with very little time to prepare. The following Wednesday, March 15 we met you in Cape May Courthouse, NJ and you resolved the restraining order that S's former girlfriend had taken out on him. Not only did you relieve him of this strain, but you handled his case with such compassion as well as finesse. And, don't let me forget you were suffering from the flu that day! No matter which way you say it, you were awesome!!!!!! This was a heavy burden for us to handle over the past few weeks and you gave us some very relieved important family time for the remainder of S's visit. He will be shipping overseas shortly and we cannot say enough about your handling of his case. Thank you for getting the charges dropped, bogus as they were, but also for proving that the American judicial system is a great system, especially when you have a lawyer with your credentials and integrity. From all of us in the S---- family, please accept our deepest gratitude. As you probably could sense, we have a very close family, and we are all so proud of S---.
Regards, B.S. and family.

My son, J.T. was represented by Mr. Diego. He did a wonderful job with all of the confusion with my family. He handled a situation very professional with the other attorney whom represented my son's wife. She was very unprofessional and rude to Mr. Diego.
Thank you. C.U.

Thank you so much for your smart, strong and great help! God bless you!

We would like to thank you for your services that you have provided us as a family on numerous occasions. I would like to say that it was excellent work and I was very satisfied. Thank you very much for your help-this provided some peace of mind during a somewhat chaotic month. John, we continue to esteem you and the work that you do. We welcome you to our family events and hope that you continue to be a part of our circle of friends. We are planning a Thanksgiving dinner this year in Florida, where C---, R--- and I will be the hosts. Please let us know, at your convenience, if you will attend. Sincerely,

From the family of J----, we want to sincerely thank you for the presentation you made to her for accomplishing one of her achievements in life. Your example will hopefully catch on to other alumni of Pleasantville including J---- as she shapes her future. Thanks again.

NJ Lawyer Jonathan E. Diego at Facebook
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